Thursday, April 30, 2009

An Heroic Action

I was practicing my dynamic poses tonight, this one didn't turn out too badly. This would be depicting a fight between the Puma and his arch-nemesis, whose name isn't clear in this panel. Apparently, said nemesis didn't quite have what it took to take down our hero. That's right, I draw pictures of my friends engaged in quasi-epic battles. What of it?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Scrounging Find

I was digging thorough moving boxes, and stumbled across this old drawing, I believe it was for Dan's Livejournal newspaper Der Village Idiot. I was the cartoonist, as I recall. I have colored it and fixed the most egregious errors in the drawing (Dan looked like he had some sort of tumors growing out of his head...If anyone wants, I will put up the original so you can see.) Poor Jimmy. Little does he realize that I am just going to drink him momentarily.

Head All Up Ins

I have a scanner now, so posts should be coming much more frequently. Here's a picture of me as a Futurama style head in a jar:

I look pissed because this is really part of a larger drawing in which I am inside Bender's chest cavity, and he's stealing my wallet. That drawing will appear at a later date, when I can draw Mr. Rodriguez to my own high standards of satisfaction.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Apologies to Mr. Geisel

What's all this then? An update? That's right, it was no fluke. Here we have a drawing I did for a friend, the original of which hangs on his wall. The story goes that we were supposed to hang out the coming Saturday, but he canceled on me, saying "I'm going with my friend to a Dr. Suess Party." 'What's that,' I replied, thinking it was maybe some sort of birthday party for his friends' nephew or something. "I have no idea, but there will be drinking and dancing." 'I can see it now, you're going to lose your anal virginity to a man in a tall, striped hat.' This struck me as an amusing thought, and so, with a little inspiration from this Action Comics cover, for posing purposes, I gave him the completed drawing two days later. And now it's up for all to see. (Note, the drawing here has been color corrected and my hand lettering replaced with fonts to enhance humor and readability.)