Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This Pretty Much Sums it Up

This is pretty much what I am doing right now. Some thoughts:
1) I am sorry, but I am indeed not wearing pants. It is hot in here, what do you want from me? Would you rather I suffer in ways most uncomfortable? On the drawing end, I like how that left foot came out.

2) "Questionable Content" is quite an awesome web comic. I haven't read it regularly since some time in 2007, but I am trying to catch up! You should all read it. Mister Jacques is very talented, and I am jealous of his skills; truly he is a Wacom Ninja. Pintsize is fun to draw.

3) Michael Jackson is awesome, this needs no further detail.

My fiancee has a new blog that should be read. It is about both video games, and the fact that she has played them. It is also hilarious. It can be found here.

I am going to be measured for a tuxedo for Clint's wedding this weekend, after which we will eat at Famous Dave's. I am a bit worried, as I am a fatty, but, fatty or no, I clean up well in a suit. Plus, barbecue is delicious squared.