Sunday, May 10, 2009

Beware the Claws of...

I have been reading a lot of Todd Klein's blog as of late, especially his Logo Studies, and it rekindled my love of type and logos. I soon set to making one for my buddy Jeremy, aka The Puma, as he's the only friend I have who really has a superhero-esque nickname. I drew this rough sketch to start with:
I then imported it into Illustrator and set to work finalizing the look of the thing. It came together relatively easily, but took a bit of time. The final thing I did, just a few minutes ago, was at the "the" in my own lowercase cursive. I like it.

*NOTE: This is not meant to infringe on Marvel Comics' character of The Puma, aka Thomas Fireheart. He is copyright Marvel Comics 2009*

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